A Tribute To George & Olivia On What Would Have Been Their 35th Anniversary!

September 2, 1978 George Harrison married his long time love Olivia Trinidad Arias. They were married until George’s death November 29, 2001. I would like to pay tribute to them on what would have been their 35th anniversary. Olivia came into George’s life during a period when George needed someone to love him the most. In fact they had, “hiccups” & all, a genuine love story. The two had their only son, Dhani & for the most part they led a normal (as normal as one can live being that you’re an ex Beatle lol) & rewarding life.

Olivia saved George’s life emotionally, by his own words, as well as physically. The most notable time physically was on December 30,1999 when both faced a crazed fan, Michael Abram, who broke into their home with the sole intent to kill George. From this article comes this excerpt.

“Before I entered the fray,” Olivia said, “[Abram] would have finished off George right then and there.” Aghast at what was happening, Olivia grabbed a fireplace poker and began striking the tall, straw-haired intruder with it. This momentarily diverted Abram from his prey. But George, seeing that Abram was now grabbing Olivia by her throat, staggered upward to rejoin the battle.

“There was a moment during the struggle,” Olivia said, “that I noticed that this silk hanging we had on the wall was getting covered in blood, and I thought, He’s winning. He’s going to kill us. We have to step it up and do this.” Only after she managed to throttle Abram further with a table lamp did the police arrive, leading to the attacker’s capture and the Harrisons’ hospitalization.

It was while they sat together in the hospital, receiving treatment and processing the horror they had just endured, that George shared with Olivia what had gone through his mind during the attack. “He told me that his mind focused on letting go, leaving his body in the way that he wanted to go,” Olivia said. “He thought that he was being murdered, and he didn’t want to die on someone else’s terms. He told me, ‘I was lying there, thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! Well, I’d better just start getting with God, preparing.’”

George’s moment of self-preparation, Olivia said, left him unburdened by angst or conflict. “Most people, fortunately, don’t get tested like that,” she said, “but the aim is to know where your mind’s going to go in that moment.”

“I was just so impressed by George when he told me that that was what he’d been thinking,” she said. “But I was not ready to be killed. That’s when I came in with the fire poker.”

From That Eventuality blog comes these quotes from both George & Olivia

Beautiful Girl by George Harrison

"I fell for her immediately. I told her that I didn’t want her doing all that typing." - George Harrison, 1992

Q: Was it love at first sight?
Olivia Harrison: Pretty much. We felt it in our hearts from before we met. Even on the phone, we seemed to have some sort of understanding, like you do when you meet the right person. And he was a charmer, such a charmer!

"My first impression of George was that he was smaller than life. Very humble, normal and thoughtful. He was very focused. He had such a strong sense of self. He didn’t seem to be a frivolous person, though he was, but from the first day I met him, he was working on music."

My Dark Sweet Lady by George Harrison

"She’s been a very calming influence on me. We’re blissfully happy together." - George Harrison, 1992

This Is Love by George Harrison

True Love by George Harrison

Tired Of Midnight Blue

Olivia Harrison interviewed by Katie Couric

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Happy 35th George & Olivia Harrison!

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